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Nikita Rios

Marina Sanches

Slave Girl 1 – To Be Announced

Slave Girl 2 – To Be Announced

Important Info: If you experience any issues with this stream, please contact us at support@mfdominance.com, and we will as a minimum be able to send you a copy of the stream when completed.

This is  Next Live Stream – Members Only

Start: Saturday, August 19 th. at 20:00 CET – IMPORTANT – Time as per our server, calculate from CET to your local timezone!

Please find information at the bottom of the page, about how you can access the live stream, and interact without staff and models.


Hosts: Marina Sanches & Lars  – Event Mainly in English

20:00 CET
Our staff will be active in Twitter and Telegram

20:20 CET – Welcome 

A quick welcome and introduction to MF Video. We will do a behind the scenes tour of our studio, introducing today’s models and staff members. After this our producer Marco, will give a short introduction related to the first scene Hands and Feet Going Deep

20:30 CET – Scene 1 – Hands and Feet Going Deep – Models: Top Girl Nikita Rios  + Slave Girl To Be Announced

Hands and Feet Going Deep –  If you know Marco, you will know that the first thing he is looking at, when a model apply to come and work with us is her feet. So everything related to feet, obviously have had a special spot and focus during all of the years of MF Video.

In this scene, we will combine Marco’s passion for feet and hands, with two of our best selling genres during the years of MF Video, being Deep Feet and Deep Hands.  Who better to perform a scene like this, than our new star, merciless Nikita Rios.

Nikita is naturally dominant, and just love to punish the slave girls. She don’t just act for the money, but because she do enjoy to punish and dominate girls. This is what makes true top models.

Don’t miss out on this classic in the making.

21:15 CET – Interview – Warm Up Scene 2

Top Girl Nikita Rios will join us for a talk and a drink. We have prepared a lot of interesting questions, both related to Top Girl Nikita Rios and Scene 2, It’s All About Extreme Face Fucking.

This is also your chance to ask questions of Nikita. Please post questions and comments via our Twitter and Telegram profiles.

21:15 CET – Scene 2 – Extreme Face Fucking – Nikita Rios + Slave Girl To Be Announced

It’s All About Extreme Face Fucking – Our most popular niche Extreme Facesitting/Face Fucking, and then starring one of our most cruel and beautiful Top Girls, Nikita Rios. How much better can it be.

Nikita is full of energy, and ready to ride the face of our poor slave girl. This is a scene that should not be explained, but watched. Make sure to tune in.

22:00 CET – Interview – Marco Fiorito – The Legend + Warm Up Scene 3

The founder of MF Video and the original producer of Brazilian lesbian fetish content, joins us for a talk and a drink. We, of course, have prepared some questions for the legend. But this is also your chance to ask Marco, the questions that you have always been wondering.

22:00 CET – Scene 3 – Users Vote

This is your chance to choose what you would like to watch. You can vote for scenario a or b through our Twitter poll that will go live, when we start the stream.

For scene 3, we have invited a cute new slave girl, that will arrive prior to the last scene. We just need your help, to find out what you would like to see her doing! We have come up with two scenarios, and encourage you to vote for your favorite one, through our Twitter poll that will go live at 20:00 CET, and close at 22:15.

Scenario a) Maybe you already know our new website lesbianpov.live. In short, the concept is horny girls (in most cases Brazilian MILF’s), that want some lesbian satisfaction. Why they call a local beauty, to come and lick them to one or more orgasms. Everything is filmed in true POV style.

In this case, we thought that you maybe wanted to reward Marina Sanches, for being such a pretty and smiling host today. So vote “Scenario a”, if you would like to see Marina Sanches take the camera and have our new cute slave girl lick her pussy and ass, for one or more orgasms.

Scenario b) It’s like the secret package, that is just waiting to be opened. If you are voting for this one, you are voting for Marco to think back in time, on a scene that stands out for him. Then to show his instructional skills, recreating the scene in question with Marina Sanches on top, while sweet little slave girl just have to take it. A true MF Classic in the making, and a great pick, if you would like to understand Marco’s work flow.

Pro Tip – If your favorite scenario did not win, then do not forget that we produce custom videos 🙂

How To Access Live Events –  Three Ways
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c) Purchase €/$40 worth of content from any one of our clips4sale.com stores, or any other 3rd. party official channels/stores, within the last 30 days before submitting ticket request. Please send ticket request to info@mfvideoxxx.com, with attached purchase receipt. Include also username or email used, when registering at mfvideoxxx.com. You can register a free account, if you do not already have one. We will then issue a ticket for your account, and you will be able to access the stream through mfvideoxxx.com
IMPORTANT – If you would like to take advantage of option “c”, then you will need to contact us no later than 6 hours prior to the event, for your ticket to be guaranteed! Instant access through other options.

Interaction With Models & Staff
During and before the event, it is possible to submit questions for the interview part of the event. Please post your questions, as a comment to our sticky Twitter and Telegram event post. The event post, will be posted around a week before the event.

Typically, one of the scenes, will be open for user suggestions. Info related to this, will be in the event description above, and varies from event to event.

To take part in the interaction, please either follow us on Twitter and/or join our Telegram Channel.

Practical Information

We aim to stick to the times listed. If additional time between, say a scene and an interview, we will take a small break, and start the next part, as listed in the program.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The listed models are NOT 100% confirmed. The models have expressed interest in doing the shoot, as planned. However, we now and then, have last minute model cancellations. We reserve the right to replace any of the listed models, without prior notice. A change of model(s), is not a valid reason for a refund.


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